Kent Coast Volunteering services has had to change, temporarily, due to Covid-19. We are continuing to offer telephone services. Please get in touch if you, or someone you know, needs support."
Need a Driver? 
Community Transport Service

telephone: 01304 380513
KCV All Hubs Service

To book a volunteer driver please telephone the relevant number below where our volunteer team will process your transport request with drivers from your local area.

(Thanet members ringing the Dover number should note that they will not incur any additional phone charges.)

Opening Times: 9.30am-2.30pm Monday to Friday
Transport Hub
Dover and Thanet
Folkestone and Hythe
Telephone Number:
01304 380513
01303 253339

Kent Coast Volunteering provides an essential, volunteer led community transport service enabling people from the Dover district, Folkestone and Hythe and Thanet plus surrounding villages to attend hospital appointments, GP's and Dental appointments, as well as visit relatives, go shopping or attend social events.

Unfortunately, public transport is not always an option for some people. This can be because of personal circumstances, disability, or simply because there is no public transport available.

Our transport service is there to enable people living in the area to remain as independent as possible, and to help prevent isolation.

Solve your Transport Problems

The Community Transport Service is a door to door transport service for those that would otherwise struggle to get to medical appointments or become isolated within their own homes.

All our drivers are volunteers, using their own cars, who are DBS checked, and referenced. They pick you up from your home and take you back there after the appointment (drivers will wait for you for up to an hour). If your visit is going to be longer than an hour, you can still get a lift home, but this may involve a second driver and therefore will cost more.

The only criteria in assessing potential users, are that they have to be able to manoeuvre themselves into and out of the vehicle.  We are currently unable to assist those who are wheelchair-bound.*

Most of the cars used can take folding wheelchairs, Zimmer frames, and will also take passengers at no extra charge – all we ask is that you notify us at the time of booking, thus enabling us to ensure the car provided is suitable.

*If you live in Thanet and are wheelchair-bound, please call our Central Referrals Service on 01843 609337 to find out what alternative transport is available to you.

Charges Explained

There is a yearly membership to belong to the scheme and each trip will cost 45p per mile plus a small administration fee.

(Please contact us to discuss the current joining fee as this may vary from area to area whilst we work to synchronise our service.)

All our Drivers are volunteers and give their time free of charge but they are reimbursed their fuel costs at a rate of 45p per mile for the trip - which is from their own home, to the pick-up, to the destination and back to their home again. You pay the driver in cash at the end of the trip. The driver will also collect the admin fee on our behalf, which is then paid by the driver to the centre to help towards our costs of organising the trip; including making phone calls and keeping the scheme running.  Please note that there a minimum charge per trip (currently £3.15 plus admin). Clients are also responsible for the payment of any parking / toll charges and in the case of London trips, the congestion charge if applicable.


Just give us a call to sign up to our service (Please note we require 3 days notice before booking your first journey.)

Contact details available at the top of the page.

Kent Coast Volunteering Head Office
Kent Innovation Centre

Millennium Way
CT10 2QQ

01843 609337

Charity No: 1111800, Company Limited by Guarantee: 5392093


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