Kent Coast Volunteering services has had to change, temporarily, due to Covid-19. We are continuing to offer telephone services. Please get in touch if you, or someone you know, needs support."
Become a Driver

telephone: 01304 380513
KCV All Hubs Service

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Driver, we would love to hear from you.  Our drivers, and the service they provide are invaluable to the community.  

Volunteer drivers are asked to take people who are unable or find it difficult to access public transport (due to mobility, disability, frailty, location, etc.) to hospital, medical and other pre-agreed appointments.

You will need a full clean driving licence, car insurance (fully comprehensive desirable) and MOT certificate if applicable.

In line with our safeguarding policies, potential drivers will be asked for two character references and a DBS check (criminal records check) will be carried out.  We can carry this out at the hub closest to you, and there will be no cost to you.

Millage is paid at 45p a mile and you decide how much driving you wish to do.

We are always looking for new volunteer drivers across all areas, as the service is always expanding.

  • Drivers generally undertake local requests and mid-range requests (Canterbury, Ashford, Dover etc).
  • Drivers are free to opt in, or out of, long distance requests (London etc).
  • We ask clients to give 3 days notice of their planned journey but this is not always possible in every case.

The office volunteers explain the cost per mile of the journey, find out the destination details such as hospital department or clinic and where possible, how long the client will be at their appointment. They would if needed then explain if necessary the need for a “double journey”. Similarly if it is necessary for an “out of the area” driver the client would be informed of the extra cost this would incur.

The Transport Coordinator has a list of drivers. They aim to find drivers who are closest to the client in order to keep costs down (current mileage rate is 45p per mile). When there is a client in your vicinity they will contact you to see if  you are available to do the request, you then have the option to accept or refuse the request.

Kent Coast Volunteering Head Office
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01843 609337

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